26 сентября 2007
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Tasty Menu 1.0 для KDE

Tasty Menu - Лучший из виденных мной апплет меню для KDE (Linux/FreeBSD).
Больше всего он напоминает меню "Пуск" в Windows Vista.

Tasty Menu is a K-Menu replacement for KDE 3.x series aiming to provide the maximum usability and flexibility.

It provides three columns where you can always have all your favourite applications in handy.

Key features:
-One column for all your favourite applications and two columns for browsing all the installed programs
-Search engine for the applications
-Optional integration with Kerry Beagle or Strigi
-Highlighting of recently installed applications
-Fast user switching
-Drag and drop support

Debian sid package:
-Not having particular problems, released it as 1.0
-French translation by Laurent Hilsz

-Rearranging the items of the left column by drag and drop works again
-the layout should be a little bit more polished
-Updated Ukrainian translation

I consider this pretty much feature complete at least for now, so it's the time to approach the fatidical 1.0 :)
-Search field should be a lot faster
-Only strings with at least three characters are being searched (necessary for the speedup)
-Corrected a bug that prevented to search into application descriptions

Tasty Menu 1.0 для KDE

Скачать/Download - FTP

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